About Us

CEO’s Message

SKINFARM produces endless dreams

Will deliver our best responses to the
client’s requests.

We welcome every client who wants cosmetics production. Ever since our establishment in 1995, SKINFARM has been performing endless efforts to produce the best quality products that our customers want.

Starting from the OEM production method, we operate every system of the ODM and OBM, along with directly controlling all of the necessary cosmetics manufacturing processes including the formula, design, and container development in our one-call system to produce the best products for our customers.

All SKINFARM products are complete with our three major feelings towards our customers.

  • "Our love towards our clients"

    We always try our best to fully satisfy all our customers with sincerity which we prioritize over total production quantity.

  • "Our heart to strictly follow the rules"

    We believe that products made with basic principles are cherished for a long time. Together with our strict principles and management that we’ve been carrying out for about 30 years, SKINFARM will strive to produce the best products only and continue maintaining our philosophy.

  • "Our quick responses to our client’s requests"

    Close cooperation among all departments will provide quick and accurate responses to meet the time and speed of thoughts of our customers.

CEO Jihoon Ahn